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You now have access to a revolutionary business manager classroom job strategy that will transform ANY classroom in grades K-12.


By Eva Foxwell

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 (For distance learning too, plus 2 FREE Lessons)

With this resource, you now have access to a revolutionary business manager classroom job strategy that will transform ANY classroom in a positive and bustling business environment. These specific “REAL WORLD” classroom jobs make a lasting impression on the students and they experience “LIFE SKILLS” that will prepare them for a successful career. This strategy has won numerous awards and was recognized for revolutionizing a "REAL WORLD" idea that students will showcase for the rest of their lives.

Teachers will learn how to transform a current classroom into a bustling and productive business environment with career-ready jobs, even through distance learning.

Teachers will learn how to lay the groundwork for a career-ready and student-centered classroom, while delivering methods to create as realistic of a career-ready environment for students.

Teachers will learn how to make education a memorable and enjoyable experience for students so they can become more motivated and want to be in the classroom.

Teachers will learn how to understand the importance of students finding a “Purpose” within the classroom utilizing career ready jobs and emotional intelligence.

Teachers will learn how to employ “Student Purpose” tips in their own classroom.

Teachers will learn how classroom procedures and student transitioning play a huge role in daily classroom lessons.

Teachers will learn how to instill fun within the classroom while learning.

Teachers will learn how to create a "WE" classroom.


See below for the Common Core performance indicators:

MS.01 Performance Element: Participate in career-planning to enhance job-success potential.

MS.01.02 Performance Indicator: Analyze employer expectations in the business environment

MS.01.03 Performance Indicator: Explain the rights of workers

MS.01.05 Performance Indicator: Identify tentative occupational interest

MS.01.06 Performance Indicator: Explain employment opportunities in business

MS.01.07 Performance Indicator: Assess personal strengths and weaknesses.

MS.01.08 Performance Indicator: Recognize personal biases and stereotypes

MS.02.07 Performance Indicator: Maintain appropriate personal appearance

MS.02.08 Performance Indicator: Exhibit self-confidence

MS.02.09 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm

MS.03.04 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate honesty and integrity

MS.03.05 Performance Indicator: Identify ethical work habits

MS.03.06 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate ethical work habits

MS.04 Performance Element: Exhibit techniques to manage emotional reactions to people and situations.

MS.04.01 Performance Indicator: Identify positive attitude

MS.04.02 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate the use self-control in the workplace

MS.04.03 Performance Indicator: Explain the use of feedback for personal growth

MS.04.04 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate adaptable behavior

MS.05 Performance Element: Identify feelings, needs and concerns that will enhance interpersonal relations.

MS.05.01 Performance Indicator: Explain the importance of confidentiality

MS.07.03 Performance Indicator: Follow oral directions

MS.07.04 Performance Indicator: Explain active listening skills

MS.07.05 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate active listening skills

MS.08 Performance Element: Apply verbal skills to obtain and convey information.

MS.08.01 Performance Indicator: Explain the nature of effective communication

MS.08.02 Performance Indicator: Utilize effective communication skills

MS.08.03 Performance Indicator: Ask relevant questions

MS.08.04 Performance Indicator: Interpret others’ nonverbal cues

MS.08.05 Performance Indicator: Create clear and concise oral directions

MS.08.06 Performance Indicator: Provide legitimate responses to inquiries

MS.08.08 Performance Indicator: Demonstrate proper telephone etiquette

MS.08.09 Performance Indicator: Participate in group discussions

MS.08.10 Performance Indicator: Lead a group discussions

MS.08.11 Performance Indicator: Make individual oral presentations

MS.09 Performance Element: Write internal and external business correspondence to convey and obtain information effectively.

MS.09.01 Performance Indicator: Edit and revise written work consistent with professional standards

MS.09.03 Performance Indicator: Format professional documents

MS.09.04 Performance Indicator: Compose professional documents

MS.18 Performance Element: Implement teamwork techniques to accomplish goals.

MS.18.01 Performance Indicator: Participate as a team member

MS.18.02 Performance Indicator: Use consensus-building skills

MS.18.03 Performance Indicator: Motivate team members


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Completely Transforms The Classroom!
I can't give this product enough stars. First of all, it should be marketed to 5th grade on up. We begin teaching economics giving students jobs to teach them how businesses work - in 5th grade. Yes, it's great for Middle and High school too, but teachers can get excellent guidance from this and completely transform their classroom after reading this for about 30 minutes. It's 99 pages of easy to read and implement ideas that students will absolutely love. Kids enjoy having jobs and special roles in the classroom. It makes going to school more meaningful, and this product outlines how and why to do it. I personally feel every teacher in grades 5-8 should purchase. Thanks Eva!
Amy Jaworski 09/06/2020