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General FAQs

What is PayPer Workz?

PayPer Workz is an online marketplace where teachers and principals can buy, sell, and share originally created digital and learning resources.

Who created PayPer Workz?

Kristy Swol and Elizabeth Agresta created PayPer Workz.  Kristy and Elizabeth have been teachers, principals, and superintendents.  Check out their Bios on the About Us page.

What are originally created digital resources?

Originally created resources are the intellectual creations of publishers (sellers) to support teachers in the classroom and principals with the management of schools. 

Member FAQs

What is a Member?

Members are buyers. As a member, you can sign-up to purchase and download originally created digital resources. Sign up is FREE, so join and start browsing today!

Who can become a Member?

Anyone who can benefit from the resources offered can be a member.

Are financial transactions secure? 

At PayPer Workz, your financial security is a high priority. As such, PayPer Workz partners with Stripe for the processing of payments. Connecting with Stripe ensures your account and payment information is not stored on our servers but rather is processed seamlessly through a reputable financial institution that meets international and federal compliance regulations. Additionally, when you create your Stripe Publisher account, you will have access to a variety of tools to help you track your payments. Stripe charges Publishers 2.9% + 30¢ for each transaction.

Can I re-download my purchased resources?

Absolutely! Just log into your account, go My Purchases, find the product you want from your items, and click the download button.

Who can use what I purchase?

Each item purchased receives a license for one person to use. Honesty is a trait we value in our PayPer Workz family. We know you appreciate it also and will be sure to purchase extra copies for sharing!

What if I want to share what I buy?

We have made it easy for you to purchase multiple copies of a file so that you CAN share it with others. Once you are in the shopping cart, you can increase the number of copies you want. You are charged for the additional copies and can share those copies after you purchase them. Remember, honesty and integrity first!

Why do only some people have to pay tax?

Not all states require the taxing of downloadable digital products. Only some do. So, if you live in one of those states, you may be charged tax on the products you purchase. Sorry, but it’s the law. TaxJar has a great blog explaining the details – https://blog.taxjar.com/sales-tax-digital-products/.

Does everyone pay the same tax rate?  

No, not all states require the taxing of downloadable digital products. Only some do. So, if you live in one of those states, you may be charged tax on the products you purchase. Sorry, but it’s the law. TaxJar has a great blog explaining the details – https://blog.taxjar.com/sales-tax-digital-products/.

Can I get a refund?

Products purchased from PayPer Workz are digital and not physical, which makes it difficult to “return” a product. As such, all sales are final. However, we recognize sometimes unforeseen situations arise with digital products. In those rare and unique circumstances, customer care will evaluate a refund request for the following conditions within 48 hours of purchase:

  1. Download Problems – the product did not download or display on your Order History page.
  2. Inaccurate Description – the product description did not substantially match the actual product.
  3. Defective File - the product file was corrupt or not able to be opened.

If you think your refund request matches one of the situations above and is within 48 hours of purchase, please complete the Refund Request form for Customer Care to evaluate the situation evaluated.

What if I still have questions after reading the FAQs?

Not a problem.  Just send your questions to customercare@payperworkz.com, and we will be happy to help you.

Publisher FAQs

What is a Publisher?

Publishers are sellers. Publishing is not limited to only teachers and principals.  Anyone who has originally created digital resources for educators can be a publisher. Assistant Principals, Curriculum Supervisors, Behavior Specialists, School Counselors, Teachers Aide’s,  and office admins, just to name a few, can publish items.

Who can become a publisher?

Anyone who has originally created work to sell or share can become a publisher.  PayPer Workz recognizes educators from all fields including, but not limited to K-12, religious education, early childhood, homeschool, college, and adult learning.

How do I register to become a Publisher?

Easy. Click Sign Up at the top of the PayPer Workz home page.  The link will take you directly to begin your publishing journey.

How do Publishers upload resources to sell?

Our Help section has detailed, step by step directions to assist you in creating and managing your products and store.  

Who sets product prices?

Each publisher determines the price of the products they offer.  

How should I format resources?

Buyers love editable documents – like Word, PowerPoint, or Keynote – so consider selling items that your buyers can adapt for their use.  As buyers use different programs, you may consider providing versions that are usable on both Microsoft and Apple devices. 

How should I package multiple files?

It’s a great idea to group smaller items into packets. For example, instead of publishing a single letter that would easily be viewed and copied from the thumbnail, create a bundle of 5-10 letters in a theme, such as parent letters, and only show a couple in the previews. Place all the files for a product in a .zip file to upload.

Why is there a preview function?

The preview function allows your buyer to see the quality of part of your product so they can accurately determine if what you are offering meets their needs. It’s the digital equivalent of picking up a product from the shelf to determine if you want to buy it. Preview images are critical to the success of your product.

Do I have to write a description?

Absolutely! The Description tells the buyers precisely what they are getting without giving away the content of your document. It is essential that your description is accurate and provides good detail, so the buyer understands exactly what they are purchasing.  Inaccurate descriptions will result in poor ratings for the seller and can be a valid cause for refund requests.  It’s also a great idea to explain how your product can solve a current problem for educators! 

Can Publishers market their stores outside of PayPer Workz?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so. Publishers can tell friends, share links to their products on social media, or market in their own blogs. You can also go to your store’s or product’s page, copy the URL, and share away.

Can Publishers host a sale?

Yes! Publishers can offer individual items at a discount or host a storewide sale. The Offer as Sale option is on the Manage Products page. Just select an individual product, or the entire store set a start and end date, as well as the discount percentage or flat rate, and boom – the sale is on!

Should Publishers offer free items?

Absolutely! Free items are a great way to market your store. It shows customers the quality of your resources and provides useful products for them to use. It creates trust in the publisher and the store.

Do publishers have to sell exclusively with PayPer Workz?

No. PayPer Workz does not require you to publish with us exclusively. So, if you have another venue where you would like to list your originally created resources, go for it. But, we do hope you stick with us!

What products can I sell in my store?

You can publish any originally created digital resources that you think will help educators find success. You cannot publish someone else’s work because that would be stealing (a.k.a. - Copyright Infringement). Also, all resources must be wholesome and professionally oriented. Any plagiarized, inappropriate, unprofessional, pornographic, or explicit content will be removed immediately. We are very careful about intellectual property, trademark, and copyright laws, not to mention ethical standards. But, if you created it, and you think or know others could use it, publish away! Please see our Copyright and Trademark Policy.

Can I sell videos?

At this time, videos are not a part of the site. However, if you have a video as a part of your package, you could host your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or another provider and provide your buyer with a link and password as a part of your content. 

Why does PayPer Workz earn a portion of my sale?

If you opened a store in a shopping center, you would be responsible for rent, phone, utilities, and many other business-related expenses. If you think of PayPer Workz as a virtual mall, the commission we take from each sale is like your rent and other costs of running your business.  PayPer Workz marketing helps publishers by bringing new members to their store.

How long can I keep files in my store?

Products need to sell to remain indefinitely on the website as each file stored on the server costs money. Unsold resources take up server space and result in increased costs for PayPer Workz, which ultimately results in increased prices for the Publishers.

To resolve this, PayPer Workz will reach out to provide Publishers with ideas to improve the product or marketing for products that are not selling.  Products not sold after one year may result in PayPer Workz asking the seller to remove the item from their store.  We archive each product for a while before the permanent removal of the file.

What if I still have questions after reading the FAQs?

Not a problem.  Just send your questions to customercare@payperworkz.com, and we will be happy to help you.