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Welcome to PayPer Workz, the first marketplace where teachers and principals earn 80% of every sale, with No Annual Fee. EVER. At PayPer Workz, we have a vision to connect educators from across the country, and around the globe, to each other. Educators each have unique talents and skills that are valued greatly by other educators. As a Publisher, you are a part of a unique network of educators who are helping other teachers and principals on the path to greatness.  We invite you to become a publisher, be a part of this unique environment, help others by sharing your expertise, and don’t forget, open the door to income opportunities. Plus, be a part of the only place to sell where you can earn 80% of your profits with NO Annual Fee. Ever. 

How Do I Become a Publisher?

Becoming a Publisher is easy! Simply click on Sign-Up at the top of the page,  select the level of publisher you want, register, and you are ready to set up your store.

Publisher Memberships

We offer two Publisher Membership levels. These are the Publisher and Publisher+ memberships. Each membership provides the publisher the ability to open a store, upload and publish originally created materials, and quickly start selling. Each membership includes a variety of detailed reports, the ability to host sales, opportunities to market products through social media, and much more.






$259 Annually

Publisher Profits



PayPer Workz Portion



Stripe Fees to Publisher

2.9% + $0.30

2.9% + $0.30

Max Uploads



Max Size

1 Gig

1 Gig

Why does PayPer Workz earn a portion of my sale?
If you opened a store in a shopping center, you would be responsible for rent, phone, utilities, and many other business-related expenses. If you think of PayPer Workz as a virtual mall, the commission we take from each sale is like your rent and other costs of running your business. As a part of the commission, PayPer Workz also provides Publishers tools and a place to sell your originally created digital materials.

Publisher Proceeds  
At PayPer Workz, your financial security is a high priority. As such, PayPer Workz partners with Stripe for the processing of payments. Connecting with Stripe ensures your account and payment information is not stored on our servers but rather is processed seamlessly through a reputable financial institution that meets international and federal compliance regulations. Additionally, when you create your Stripe Publisher account, you will have access to a variety of tools to help you track your payments. Stripe charges Publishers 2.9% + 30¢ for each transaction. Publishers receive proceeds within 14 days of each sales transaction through STRIPE to the financial institution of their choice.

PayPer Workz Coupons

At PayPer Workz, we believe in building your network, helping our publishers, and connecting members. One way we do this is through site-wide coupons. When we offer a site-wide coupon, don’t worry, we take the discounted amount out of our portion of the sale. In this way, you get higher traffic through your store without losing any profits.

Final Thoughts

We believe in you. Be a part of the network designed with Teachers and Principals in mind. It truly is the smartest way to get work done.

Happy Publishing!

The PayPer Workz Team

Founders of PayPer Workz